Schools Photo Competition

JCEN Photo Competition 2016:

Congratulations to all who entered but we did promise some prizes, so here they are:

First prize:         Sophie and Sunbury West Primary School       $100 gift voucher to Sophie and $150 to Sunbury West Primary.
Second prize:    Chloe and Sunbury Primary School                  $50 gift voucher to Chloe and $80 to Sunbury Primary.
Third prize:        Mack and Sunbury Primary School                       $25 gift voucher to Mack and $80 to Sunbury Primary.

Unfortunately some otherwise worthy photographers missed out because they simply did not read what was asked - a photo taken within the Jacksons/Riddells Creek environment. 
However, I'm sure you will agree that Sophie's entry below was outstanding, with a clear image and unusual composition.