Schools Photo Competition

JCEN Photo Competition 2016:
It's winners time! Frog, who helps our judge Lydia and usually makes the announcements, has been flat out busy. You can click here as he makes his apologies.

He will get back to talk to the winners when he has finished his latest school assignment, so keep checking.

Congratulations to all who entered but we did promise some prizes, so here they are:

First prize:         Sophie and Sunbury West Primary School       $100 gift voucher to Sophie and $150 to Sunbury West Primary.
Second prize:    Chloe and Sunbury Primary School                  $50 gift voucher to Chloe and $80 to Sunbury Primary.
Third prize:        Mack and Sunbury Primary School                       $25 gift voucher to Mack and $80 to Sunbury Primary.

Unfortunately some otherwise worthy photographers missed out because they simply did not read what was asked - a photo taken within the Jacksons/Riddells Creek environment. 
However, I'm sure you will agree that Sophie's entry below was outstanding, with a clear image and unusual composition.