Our Constitution & Statement of Purpose

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Jacksons Creek EcoNetwork, Inc.

(the ‘Association’)


(By resolution dated:21 November 2006)


1.      To facilitate the co-ordination and co-operation of Affiliated Organizations and of the community in the preservation, restoration and environmental protection of Jacksons Creek and its tributaries together with the riparian areas connected thereto and incorporating such areas recognised as forming the catchment area (herein referred to as ‘the Catchment’).

2.      To investigate appropriate sources of, and apply for (either solely or in conjunction with others), and obtain, funding to further the purposes of the Association and, further, to support the Association’s Affiliated Organizations in their endeavours to raise funding and grants for the benefit of the Catchment or any part of it.

3.      To participate in attracting direct public interest in the Catchment and provide a basis for community participation in the re-vegetation, environmental protection and preservation of the Catchment.

4.      To promote the establishment of favourable habitats for native fauna by the regeneration and planting of indigenous vegetation and development of the natural landscape of the Catchment.

5.      To participate in and encourage the eradication or control of unsuitable or damaging non-native flora and fauna in the Catchment.

6.      To carry out, or coordinate, the monitoring of waterway quality and the health and survival rates of flora and fauna within the Region.

7.      To be a source of consultation with, and to provide advice to, relevant statutory authorities or government departments or community organizations in relation to the re-vegetation, environmental protection, preservation and general management of the Catchment.

8.      To promote and participate in the preparation and implementation of Concept, Management, Development or like plans (together with the update, revision and extension thereof) for the whole of the Catchment or parts thereof.

9.      To encourage measures that will result in land or property development near or adjacent to the Catchment being in harmony with these Purposes.

10.   To promote the preservation of, and continued public ownership of, and access to, all existing publicly owned or controlled riparian land and waterways in the Catchment.

11.   To disseminate promotional, educational and technical information and expertise relating to the Catchment to relevant groups, educational institutions and the general public.

12.   To participate in the preservation, re-vegetation and environmental protection of other reserves, parks and waterways in the vicinity of the Catchment.

13.   To cooperate (in addition to the Association’s Affiliated Organizations) with other landcare, friends and environmental groups with respect to re-vegetation, indigenous planting, flora/ fauna and waterway protection and the like.

14.   To support and provide advice and other assistance to Affiliated Organizations as is within the practical capability of the Association from time to time.

To arrange, where appropriate and approved by the Association, centralized services for or on behalf of Affiliated Organizations - such as insurance, accounting and general regulatory compliance.